» > You’ve never seen this show before. This must be the shopping program you’d heard about.

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the home-shopping show, “Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities”!

I’m your host, Tanaka, with a live presentation of my Amazing Commodities!
We’ll show you great items at unbeatable prices! Ooh, you won’t be able to touch that dial!
Now, let’s introduce today’s products!

Adios Shoes! This is a limited edition pair of high-quality shoes!
But wait, there’s more!
I’ll add two Slimming Foods to the Adios Shoes! All this for only 5,980 yen!

We’ve got another fantastic product on sale today!
One Medical Kit! It’s very helpful in emergencies!
What can I do to sweeten this pot for you? Ooh, I know!
For this one, I’ll add four Medicines to your Medical Kit for 2,980 yen!

These deals are so popular, we’re only allowing one order per person!
Which would you like to purchase today!?